Swamp Wallaby

Swamp Wallaby

Body length 1 m; tail length 90 cm; weight 50 kg. Woolly grey-brown; slightly darker on shoulders and mid back; lacks face and thigh stripes; tail with a black tip.

Habitat and Range
Open forests and woodlands with a grassy understorey, roadside verges, paddocks, grasslands, parkland and golf courses. Common. From Coen, Qld, throughout much of the eastern Australia to south-eastern SA and Tas.

Grazes on grasses and forbs from late afternoon to early morning. Only local large kangaroo with no adornments such as red neck, stripes, white flashes or black stripes; no similar species.

Habitat destruction.

Droppings pear-shaped (26 mm long by 21 mm at widest).

Did you know?

Text © The State of Queensland (Queensland Museum)
Image © Jona Photography